Frequently Asked Questions regarding Hours, Services and Materials for Residential Clients

Someone hit my marble landing/steps/wall with their car, can you repair it?

Baltimore is famous for the marble features that appear on many of its historic residences. HILGARTNER has a long history of cleaning, repairing and restoring them - and may have even fabricated & installed yours in the first place! As with most repairs, the nature of the damage dictates the method of repair.  Contact us for an evaluation and estimate!

How can I prepare the work area for exterior work being done at my home?

Check to be sure that your exterior hose and/or spigot is properly functioning and confirm there is electrical access outside of your home. Learn More

How can I prepare the work area for interior work being done at my home?

Please remove any household items that could obstruct or be at risk of being in the crew's work space... including pets!

Do I need to be present during the scheduled work at my home?

Unless the work falls into our ROC+DOC repair program (which requires your presence & feedback), as long as the crew has access to the work area, electric, water and facilities, your physical presence is not required.

Does my project fall under the ROC+DOC repair program?

That depends on a multitude of factors, PLEASE CONTACT our offices for an evaluation!

Can you move my installed fireplace?

Removal of any stone feature is always dependent on how it was originally installed, but in almost any properly installed condition the answer is YES!

Do you offer weekend hours for site work?

Yes!  Overtime/premium rates will apply. Contact Us

Do you offer field measuring, templating and Drafting services?

Yes!  Drafting services can be included in a HILGARTNER estimate when specified and requested.

What stones do you carry?

There are currently over 5,000 natural stones quarried and available for use, as well as man-made products (see CORIAN FAQ answer below).  ANY of these can be supplied to you by HILGARTNER, as no stone is proprietary.  These stones are sold as slabs to a fabricator such as HILGARTNER. For smaller projects, we have a remnant inventory of over 2,000 partial stone slabs, from which an individual piece can be selected for your specific need.  We maintain a photographic record of every remnant in our inventory here at HILGARTNER.

Do you work with Corian (TM) products?

We work with a wide range of man-made materials; Silestone (TM), Caesarstone (TM) and Corian Quartz (TM) are several familiar examples with properties similar to Natural Stone. The original "Corian" product is an economical solid-surface countertop material introduced in 1967, composed of a blend of roughly 33 percent synthetic polymers and 66 percent natural material.  We do not work with this specific product, as our equipment is designed to cut materials harder than the original 1967 Corian and comparable products. Learn More

What are you receiving, offloading and unloading hours?

Our warehouse hours are Monday through Friday 7:30 am to 3:30 pm, by appointment only. Contact Us

What kind of stone do you supply?  

We supply a wide range of Marbles, Granites, Limestone, Bluestone, Sandstone, Slates, Soapstone and Quartzites. We do not stock landscaping stone such as flagstone, crushed stone, gravel, river rock or bricks.  However, we have the capabilities and know-how to install those types of stone. Learn More

Do you offer crating and delivery services?

Yes!  We can crate, palletize and deliver HNS-fabricated stone as well as customer-supplied stone.