HILGARTNER has been fabricating stone since we opened in 1863 - and as of this writing we have the only Certified Apprentice program for the finishing of Marble in the U.S. In addition to our highly-trained fabrication staff, we keep a dedicated Stone Carver in-house; a contemporary fine artist with sculptures included in many private & public collections including the permanent collection of the Smithsonian American Art Museum. Maintaining & training such skilled staff gives HILGARTNER the ability to produce top-quality Statuary, carved Architectural features such as altars, pediments & dedication plaques; as well as a full range of carved lettering applications. Learn more about our Apprenticeship Program.

In the Commercial & Institutional markets, large-quantity fabrication is often required. This type of production is most cost-effective when completed at the quarry location. For those projects, HILGARTNER maintains a full network of vendor suppliers to keep pricing competitive - and our own Fabrication Shop here in South Baltimore gives us the unique capability to change, repair or replace broken and incorrect pieces without the long wait for replacements from the original quarry. For our Commercial and Institutional clients this means we provide the rare & combined advantages of ** quarry direct costs**   **local corrective fabrication** and **Marble Mason installation**, all under HILGARTNER control and performed to HILGARTNER-quality levels!!

Interior Fabrication

Our Commercial & Institutional clients often present us with projects where furniture-quality fabrication and installation are required. Sometimes this work is a part of structural building repair, a remodeling project or new office fit-out. Whether a Church or Synagogue sanctuary needs new stone construction or re-location of an altar - or an office redesign includes reception or conference tables and desks - anywhere a company or institution wishes to present an image of stability and elegance, the HILGARTNER-level of quality impresses visitors and reflects well on the institutions, tenants & businesses.

Hand-Carved Marble Altar
Marble Conference Table - Polishing In Progress
Commercial Fabrication Marble Lobby With Marble Treads
Marble Conference Table

Exterior Fabrication

While our fabrication shop and all of HILGARTNER's skill sets are always available, Exterior stonework fabrication is often driven by choosing a quarry & material that can best meet the specific requirements of the project. While each quarry will offer different types of stone, there are other characteristics that should be considered when choosing a source quarry. We maintain relationships with quarries both Domestic & International. In Germany, fabrication accuracy is of paramount importance and Italy is renowned for stone featuring classic aesthetics. Indian and Chinese quarries offer opportunities when price is the primary concern and we turn to Canada & the US when North American stones are necessary. Additionally, Brazil is a great option for clients looking for aesthetically active Granites and Quartzites. Finally, quarries in the Middle East and Egypt have been reliable sources for the fabrication of larger Commercial and Institutional projects requiring HILGARTNER quality and attention to detail.

White Marble Statue Base
Wet Saw Cutting Marble Slab
Loyola University Carved Granite Monument Sign
Johns Hopkins Homewood Marble Steps
Hand Carved Stone Headstone Marker
Hand Carving Text Into Marble Slab

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