Following the Great Fire of 1905, HILGARTNER's craftsmen were integral to rebuilding efforts, and along the way helping establish the tradition of Marble steps in Baltimore. However, our expertise in Exterior stonework extends well beyond steps to include pools & fountains, patios, monumental stone entries and entire stone structures. At some point over the past century and a half, HILGARTNER hands have touched nearly every stone building in Maryland!


Whether it's your palatial estate in the countryside…. or a personal palace in an original Baltimore row home, Natural Stone is a critical feature of many New & Historic residences. While durable, the physical properties of the stone alone are not enough to survive the ravages of time and perform most effectively. Structural stone must be properly anchored, installed and maintained to maintain beauty and stability against weather & exposure. The Marble Mason is the most highly trained of all trowel tradesman. HILGARTNER exclusively uses Marble Masons to install our work; to provide the highest quality of service our staff are our employees and not sub-contractors.

Stone Block Facade Reinstallation In Progress
Marble Step Cleaning A After
Marble Step Cleaning A Before
Marble Steps Repair Replace Match After
Marble Steps Clean-Reinstall Before
Brownstone Water Table Sill Replacement Complete


Although the  "curb appeal" of a well-manicured stone entryway makes a statement and adds great value to any home, the intimacy of Natural Stone features can transform your private yard space into a soothing refuge or an exciting gathering place. A well-designed garden or outdoor patio create memorable environments where you will want to dine, entertain and celebrate with your friends and family... Or perhaps provide a refuge to simply be solitary and enjoy the beauty around you. HILGARTNER has been helping homeowners create and maintain such spaces across three centuries! Learn More

Soapstone Patio Bar
Rubblestone Patio Installation Complete
Limestone Patio Table

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