It is said that Masonry is the world's second oldest profession. Picture a pyramid diagram ranking of the skills of the Mason trades. At the top of this pyramid, the Marble Mason sits alone as the most highly trained and versatile of the trowel tradesmen. Aside from rare specific projects where it was appropriate to hire bricklayers or tilesetters, over the centuries HILGARTNER projects have been installed exclusively by Marble Masons. This policy assures both ourselves and our clients that the projects they invest so much in time & resources developing are installed correctly and as designed!

Interior Installation

The installation of Interior Marble requires that the installer recognize the stone features for what they are… Crafted Furniture pieces ... and treat them with focused attention to detail. Such projects require very tight jointing & alignment as well as fastidious attention to plumb and level. While our Marble Masons run installations, the Mason Helper is not a mere laborer. Instead, we assign one of our Shop Finishers to assist - the ones who craft furniture in our fabrication shop daily. HILGARTNER has flexibility to customize & combine the skillsets of both our Shop and Field tradesmen. This allows us to achieve a level of consistency & quality that maintains HILGARTNER as a standard against which others are judged.

Marble Lobby with Stairs
Hand-Fabricated Marble Altar
Marble Plinth & Carved Gilded Nameplate for Bust
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Exterior Installation

Installing exterior stone often requires not only the knowledge and skill set of a Marble Mason, but also the proper design and implementation of safe and secure anchoring and substrate support. At HILGARTNER, we maintain an Architect in-house to address those issues, but we also maintain access to a Stone Engineer for assistance with larger projects. In North America, Universities do not offer a specialty for Natural Stone in Mechanical Engineering programs. In Europe however, the Stone Engineer is a specialized 7-year University & Post Graduate degree program. Since 1995, Josef Knorsch and Ing-Buro have consulted on our stone engineering with a record of 0% failure.

Sphere Fountain with River Pebble Surround Detail
Granite Fountain Campus Feature
Granite Paver Interactive Fountain
Fountain Custom Set Riverstone
Cubic Granite Steps Treads In Progress
Church of the Redeemer Columbarium Complete
Bluestone Step Replacement
Historic Marble Statue Relocation

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