Repair & Restoration

Natural Stone is among the most stable of structural building materials - and also serves double-duty as a finish material. To protect that investment and maintain the beauty of the stone, it is imperative that attention be not only given to performing regular maintenance and repairing breaks in a timely manner, but also to undertake restoration at the time when need is identified.

As a building material with the longest and most durable historic presence in the world, the skillset of a Natural Stone Artisan has always had great value. However, with the development of modern materials and technologies, the legacy of such Artisans has become both more specialized and less common. At HILGARTNER NATURAL STONE our Apprentice program keeps such Artisan skills alive & available, and our continuing maintenance of those assets keep us on the leading edge. This, joined with an uninterrupted presence of over 150 years, make us an eminently qualified source for any Natural Stone Repair or Restoration.

Services we offer.

For the wide variety of Repair & Restoration inquiries we receive, our approach is to alter the stone as little as possible to remedy the condition and create the desired effect. These are but a few of the categories of work we regularly execute for our Repair & Restoration clients:

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Over the past 30 Years, use of Natural Stone (Marble, Granite, Slate & Limestone) in homes and businesses greatly increased. In that time, Natural Stone has been put to use in Tens of Millions of buildings; sometimes they need some DOCTORING! Often, the damage may be only a chip on a tabletop or reception desk, an unsightly stain on fireplace facing, an etched area marring the polish of a surface, or any number of other similar issues.  In such cases, fixing the problem may not warrant removing the stone, hauling it to a shop for pricing, having it repaired with industrial machinery and then re-installing the piece. For these occasions, our ROC+DOC mobile repair service is available and is often able to improve your stone features in-place in only a few hours!