Since 1863, HILGARTNER Natural Stone Company has been serving Commercial and Residential clients who seek high-quality craftsmanship, strong communication and sharp attention to details for the care, fabrication and installation of Natural Stone features. See the galleries below for just a small sampling of projects illustrating the many services HILGARTNER may contribute to your project in the Mid Atlantic region and beyond.

Commercial Gallery

Our Commercial partners typically include Developers, Property Management Companies, General Contractors, Religious Organizations, Museums and Schools. However, you may also find personally-developed "Public" work in this gallery such as Cemetery Markers and Monuments. Your organization may simply need a precious stone item to be handled with the greatest level of care during temporary relocation, storage & reinstallation.

Fabrication Hand Carved Stone Headstone Marker
Fabrication Hand Carving Text Into Marble Slab
Fabrication Hand Fabricated Marble Altar
Johns Hopkins Homewood Marble Steps
Installation Marble Bust Plinth and Carved Gilded Nameplate
Installation Bluestone Step Replacement
Installation Cubic Granite Steps Treads In Progress
Installation Historic Marble Statue Relocation

Residential Gallery

Our Residential clients include Homeowners, Condominium Boards and Residential Property Managers who seek reliable, high-quality craftsmen for remodeling, restoring and repairing existing Natural Stone features in interior or exterior living spaces; as well as new construction projects and custom furniture.  Such services include fabrication and installation of Bathroom Vanities & Showers, Kitchen Counters & Islands, Patio Furniture, Hardscaping and the Salvage and Re-Installation of Historic stone features such as Mantels and Fireplaces.

Limestone Patio Table
Rubblestone Patio Complete
Exterior Brownstone Water Table Sill Replacement Complete
Exterior Cubic Marble Steps Clean Reinstall Before
Exterior Cubic Marble Steps Repair Replace Match After
Interior Antique Marble Fireplace Surround
Interior Custom Marble Countertop In Progress
Interior White Marble Credenza Top

Repair & Restoration Gallery

Can a broken Historic stone feature be repaired? When a dull spot on a stone counter is created through general use, can it be restored to blend in with the original finish? When stone floors or furniture are cracked or chipped, can they be repaired without full replacement? Can a stone feature stained by the elements or coated with old wax or other discolored coatings be brought back to its original beauty? Most of the time, the answer to these questions is "yes"! Our staff will be happy to review your project and apply our many decades of experience to re-stabilize and beautify such unique and often priceless features!

Commercial Limestone Church Spire Feature Replacement In Progress
Commercial Wyman Towers Terra Cotta Balustrade
Commercial Granite Wall Cladding Dutchman Repair Matching After
Commercial Corpus Christie Church Spire Reinstallation In Progress
Commercial 10 Light St Feature Replacement In Progress